A Niagara treat for the hardy

Central Station | 4 Jan 2018

Niagara Falls is one place the deep freeze is as much seen as it is felt. Mist from the surging waters has been freezing instantly on everything it touches, coating trees, walkways, cliffs and overlooks in a dreamy, brilliant white.

Visitors hardy enough to withstand the bone-chilling cold are treated to snapshots and selfies in a winter wonderland.

Although everything around them freezes, the three waterfalls that make up the natural attraction between the United States and Canada continue to flow and churn up the frosty mist. The westerly wind usually blows it toward the US side, National Weather Service meteorologist Steven Welch said, where the moisture wraps every inch of the landscape in white.

It is so cold there that one family had only come from the parking lot about 200 meters away, but with wind gusting at more than 60 kph, they needed a warming break before venturing to the water's edge.

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