Insults fly as Chu supporters slam ruling

Top News | Phoebe Ng and Amy Nip 4 Jan 2018

The jail term handed to Frankly Chu has aroused strong reaction from the police force, with associations saying it is a tragedy and a major blow to the esteem of officers.

The Junior Police Officers' Association called the sentence extremely disappointing and said it believes it will have a big impact on law enforcement by front-line officers.

The Hong Kong Inspectors Association said it was saddened an ex-colleague was jailed for a criminal offense for carrying out his duties.

"Outsiders would not understand the pain and torture a law enforcer would feel, being sentenced for enforcing the law," it stated.

"This incident is a tragedy to Hong Kong and the police force."

Meanwhile, other supporters called Chu's conviction a gross injustice and called the Eastern Court magistrate handling the case - Bina Chainrai - "a dog."

About 50 supporters from the Alliance in Support of our Police Force flanked Chu when he walked out of court on bail, all chanting against the "unfair" ruling. Chu, who did not answer any media questions, was accompanied by his current spouse and an ex-wife.

The alliance will organize a rally to protest against the "inappropriate" sentencing on Sunday, when it expects more than 1,000 people to attend.

The alliance argued that while a former Civic Passion member was jailed for seven weeks for assaulting a cop, Chu got three months for "slight use of force during law enforcement."

Protesters will march from the Central Government Office to Wan Chai police headquarters, demanding clearer guidelines for front-line officers over use of force.

The alliance also seeks to have a committee formed to monitor the performance of law courts and to get rid of all judges who are not Chinese - including Chainrai - who is ethnic Indian.

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