Tapping sounds likely at supermarket checkouts

Business | Tracy Hu 8 Dec 2017

More payment options have become available to shoppers in Hong Kong.

Visa Contactless, a quick payment method that works without swiping a card, has been introduced in 23 local supermarkets. That allows customers to make their payments by simply tapping their mobile devices or credit cards.

Four million credit cards issued in Hong Kong now have this function, according to Visa. And customers are also being connected discounts.

A spending of HK$300 on Friday and Saturday with payments made by mobile phones connected to a contactless credit card will deliver a discount of HK$30 for shoppers.

On another payments system, e-commerce giant Alibaba is partnering more SAR-based merchants with its Alipay option.

Almost 10,000 merchants in Hong Kong and Macau will be offering discounts throughout this month to spenders from the mainland using Alipay.

That fit in with the Double 12 Shopping Festival.

In Mong Kok, there will be an offer of "Hong Kong snacks for 1 RMB" for Alipay users.

And for Bank of China credit card holders, a HK$50 welcome is offered for those connecting it to the Alipay Hong Kong app for a first time.

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