Jaywalkers be warned - cops set to pounce

Local | Riley Chan 8 Dec 2017

In a five-day operation starting today, police warned that those caught jaywalking or committing other traffic offenses will be issued with fixed penalty tickets.

"The aim of the anti-jaywalking operation is to reduce traffic accidents involving youngsters and the elderly," police said.

Officers from the Police Regional Road Safety Teams handed out leaflets at various locations prior to the operation to enhance pedestrians' road safety awareness. They also urged people to comply with regulations.

Under the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations, pedestrians who cross a road without regard to the traffic light are liable to a fine of HK$2,000, while serious offenders will be issued a summons and have to appear in court.

A police spokesman said common pedestrian offenses include disobeying signals, crossing within 15 meters of a pedestrian crossing without using the facility, and climbing over curbside fences or on to carriageways.

Police figures showed that from January to October this year, there were 2,650 pedestrian casualties, including 55 fatalities. Among the deceased, 29 were aged 65 or above.

Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of fatalities fell by nine, while the figure for pedestrian casualties and fatalities aged 65 or above decreased by 167 and eight respectively.

The last operation was held onJuly 13 and lasted seven days. A total of 1,699 summonses were issued to pedestrians during the operation.

Police issued 1,321 summonses for failing to comply with light signals, while 158 were for crossing within 15m of a light signal.

A further 147 summonses were handed out for crossing the road within 15m of a footbridge or pedestrian subway, while another 73 were given for miscellaneous traffic offenses.


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