Backing for police duo in fatal shooting

Local | Phoenix Un 8 Dec 2017

Two policemen who shot dead a young husband had handled the situation very well, a senior officer from the Police College told the Coroner's Court yesterday.

That was the view of superintendent Andrew McGrenra of the Police College weapons training section when asked by coroner Ho Chun-yiu if the officers would have violated guidelines had they opened fire without giving warnings.

This was on the third day of a coroner's inquest into the May 5, 2014 shooting death of 21-year-old Ho Sai-tung by two officers as he brandished a paper cutter when looking for his wife and son in Hong Nga Court, Lam Tin.

McGrenra said the person might have already wielded the weapon when the officers were issuing their warning so it would still comply with the guidelines even if the warning was omitted.

He added that constable Chuang Ze-wei and senior sergeant Lo Kin-ho might have had no choice but to open fire.

McGrenra found the two policemen had handled the incident very well to guarantee the safety of Ho's wife.

The superintendent told the court that Ho's attitude and behavior was violent, and the cutter, a lethal weapon, could inflict an injury in a second.

Forensic pathologist Tsang Chak-chi early told the court that she carried out an autopsy on Ho on May 8, and found a circular bullet wound on his forehead.

She said the bullet entered the head through his frontal bone, arriving at the left mastoid bone near his left ear after passing through his brain stem and cerebellum.

Another bullet entered the neck, passing through the trachea, touching the esophagus and lung, and finally stopping near the ribs.

The cause of death was the bullet injuries at the head and neck, Tsang said.

Superintendent Yeung Fu-yin of the Forensic Firearms Examination Division said he found two revolvers which had fired one shot and two shots respectively.

He said the bullet in Ho's head was from the gun used by Chuang while the neck wound was caused by the shot from Lo's gun.

At Tuesday's hearing witnesses had been in disagreement over whether they heard warnings by policemen before hearing gunfire, but on Wednesday both Chuang and Lo insisted that they had given warnings before shooting.

A verdict is expected today.

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