Ip welcomes police help in feud with Link REIT

Top News | Sum Lok-kei 8 Dec 2017

Police have stepped into the feud between New People's Party chairman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee and Link REIT.

Ip, pictured, said police contacted her in the morning and she would be cooperating with them. She declined to elaborate except to say she welcomed the police assistance.

The issue arose after Ip accused columnist Simon Lee Siu-fu of passing on a threatening message to New People's Party member Derek Yuen Mi-chang in October about "causing trouble" to the party's district councillors.

Ip previously said the incident happened at a forum on October 14 and she first learned about it from Yuen on October 20 during a party meeting. Ip said she met with Yuen on October 27 to hear his account again.

Before she made the incident public on Wednesday, Ip said Heung Yee Kuk lawmaker Kenneth Lau Yip-keung - a friend of Link REIT chief executive George Hongchoy Kwok-lung - had tried to organize a meeting but she refused to attend.

Speaking on a radio program yesterday, Yuen gave another account of Lee's supposedly threatening words. Yuen said Lee did not use phrases like "causing trouble" in their conversation but that his message was clear.

"If Mrs Ip continues her criticism, Link REIT might have no choice. It does have the power to not lease units to [the party]," Yuen said, giving his account of Lee's words.

Yuen said he had no hard feelings at the time but thought that Lee's words were meant to be a "warning."

Lee was also a guest on the same program and apologized to Ip. He said he held no grudges against her party.

On the discrepancy between Yuen's remarks and hers from Wednesday, Ip said the incident happened a few weeks ago and she could no longer recall Yuen's exact words. "The feeling on my part was that I was being threatened," Ip said, stressing that it was an "honest feeling."


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