Rage over 'female morality' video

China | 5 Dec 2017

Chinese authorities have shut down a "female morality class" that provoked anger by lecturing women to shut up, accept second-rate roles in society and focus on housework.

In a video that surfaced on social media and went viral, an instructor in the class in Liaoning tells students that women should "do more housework and shut their mouths." And they "should not strive to move upward in society but always remain at the bottom level."

Another instructor says: "If you order a food delivery instead of cooking you are disobeying rules for women."

The class was launched in Fushun by the Fushun Traditional Cultural Research Association, set up in 2011 with the approval of city authorities.

Its aim was ostensibly to reinforce Confucian values, part of a growing national embrace of traditional teachings. But the content of these lectures is extreme.

"This is female slavery, not female morality," declared an angry viewer on Weibo.

Education authorities in Fushun said the class had been launched without authorization and would be stopped immediately, Xinhua News Agency reported. But the school has branches in three other cities.

Female morality classes are sometimes offered at Chinese schools and teach traditional culture such as Confucian ways, calligraphy, martial arts and appreciation of classic texts.

This is after the Communist Party denounced Confucianism as a relic of a feudal past, and adherents real or imagined were targeted in the Cultural Revolution.

But the climate has changed in recent years. Xi Jinping often quotes Confucius, and the president is keen on the study of traditional culture.


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