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Weekend Glitz | 1 Dec 2017

Katie Hung

Warm up your body for the coming winter! The seasonal menu of Michelin-awarded Cantonese restaurant Yue in North Point, pushes your heat levels to the utmost with chilli peppers from South America, Spain and Caribbean.

Kick off the spicy meal with a mild one, lobster terrine with manzano chilli pepper jelly (HK$168 for four pieces). The appetizer with the unusual lobster topped with jelly has a hint of fruitiness from the South American pepper.

Inspired by street-food delicacy fried three treasures, the smoked rainforest chillies stuffed with minced prawn (HK$138 for 8 pieces), a dish recommended by executive chef Lai Ching-shing, is a luxury and spicy version. The moderate heat level from the rainforest chillies is well balanced by its brown sweet sauce.

Another recommendation is the steamed codfish in rice paper, topped with yellow scotch bonnet chilli pepper paste (HK$280 for four pieces). By wrapping the fish in a rice paper, Lai locks in the fragrance and moisture.

"The yellow paste gives color to the dish while you can smell the unami from mushrooms and get an advanced spicy aftertaste from the pepper," Lai said.

"The combination consisting of multiple flavors makes you feel comfortable when you swallow it. If the dish only leaves a taste of spiciness, it won't be a pleasant dining experience."

Yuen yang peppers (HK$58 for 4 pieces), glutinous rice with mildly hot fillings and lotus seed paste and egg custard, is Lai's innovative dessert.

Other stronger options include fried chicken with orange and yellow Cayenne chilli peppers in clay pot (HK$260) and braised pork belly topped with red Spanish piquillo chilli pepper (HK$185).

Sichuan cuisine has always been a favorite with those who crave spicy delicacies, so the good news is that Sichuan restaurant San Xi Lou has opened a new branch at Times Square in Causeway Bay.

It offers authentic flavors of Sichuan with signature dishes.

To those who are up for spicy challenges, the soup base for hotpot spicy Sichuan style broth (HK$138) should be on your list.

Try the sumptuous mapo tofu, with lobster (seasonal price). The lobster meat goes well with the tangy chilli sauce.

Test your spicy limit with the specialty baked crab with five peppers (seasonal price). Combining green Sichuan peppercorn, dried red Sichuan peppercorn, pepper, cayenne and er jing tiao- dried red chilli pepper from Sichuan, it is undoubtedly the ultimate spicy experience.

Another new dish is braised king prawns with Chinese cabbage (HK$328), which uses the roe of Chinese white shrimp for the broth.

Elsewhere in Central, XTC Gelato offers spicy chocolate (from HK$39 a scoop) for autumn and winter.

The gelato is spiced up with fresh red chilli pepper. Experience the icy taste of Valrhona's pure dark chocolate from France with 70 percent cocoa content and an unexpected spicy sensation.

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