Heated fight over gay march flag

Top News | Phoenix Un 27 Nov 2017

Liberal Party district councillor Dominic Lee Tsz-king has complained of "foreign intervention" after the British consulate-general in Hong Kong raised a rainbow flag to support LGBT rights.

His allegations come a day after some 10,000 people joined the annual pride parade that seeks equal rights for people with different sexual orientations.

The parade committee said consuls of several countries - including the United States and Germany - participated in the event.

But their action stirred the anger of Lee, a pro-establishment district councillor in Sham Shui Po.

Lee reposted photos of the rainbow flag that the British consulate-general uploaded to its social media site.

"It's obviously instigating Hong Kong to forcibly [enact] the Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance! Why is there nobody speaking out against such interference in Hong Kong's internal affairs?" Lee wrote.

Some people backed Lee, saying: "British dogs should not be meddlesome and should not interfere with our internal affairs."

Others satirically slammed Lee, saying: "I endorse Lee Tsz-king for talks with the consul-general, and if the talks break down then we should expel him, and break off diplomatic relations with Britain."

Lee is also firmly against the establishment of a gender-recognition scheme, for which the Inter-departmental Working Group on Gender Recognition is holding a public consultation until December 31.

The scheme could see people legally recognized for their reassigned, acquired or preferred gender.

Parade committee spokesperson Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit slammed Lee and lauded the British consulate-general for its support.

"The LGBT rights level determines whether foreign minorities can get protection in Hong Kong, which is an international city," Sham said.

"I don't see that as interference, it's a friendly reminder for one government to suggest to another to work better in one field."


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