All hands on deck as The Donald fumbles

Central Station | 14 Nov 2017

His infamous boast that was caught on tape about grabbing beautiful women by the p***y may have almost derailed his US presidential bid, but Donald Trump doesn't know the intricacies of manly solidarity with men either.

At a photo op in Manila yesterday, the US president was all fingers and thumbs when he failed to link hands with other world and regional leaders, breaking a lineup intended to showcase unity.

As other leaders clutched the hands of the person to their left and their right, Trump used both hands to clasp the extended hand of Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Trump's hands at cross purposes left summit host Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte with a spare hand - and broke the line into two parts.

The dorkish Trump finally saw his error and made the link between Nguyen and Duterte.

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