'Sorry, Sir' - real or a hoax?

Central Station | 8 Nov 2017

A picture showing a kneeling cop appearing to be disciplined military style has become the center of intense internet debate after it went viral yesterday.

The image portrayed an constable in full uniform sporting a cardboard sign reading "Sorry, Sir."

Another picture show him and his superior chatting, hence sparking speculation whether it was all just an act.

The location has yet to be confirmed, but some sharp-eyed netizens believe it to be Kwun Tong Police Station.

Many accused the officer of bullying his subordinate, saying that even a constable should be respected.

Others questioned whether it's nothing but a hoax.

"It looked too dramatic. I wonder if it was acted?" one netizen wrote.

However, other media outlets quoted frontline officers confirming the kneeling cop was in fact genuine.

It's understood he had gotten emotional, after a lengthy dispute with the boss over delayed compensation for overtime work.

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