Temple pair back in focus

Local | Staff reporter 8 Nov 2017

The reputation of Hong Kong's famed Po Lin Monastery is back in the spotlight with reports of its chief elder Sik Kin- chiu co-habiting with a nun inside a specially built "glass house" in a temple compound in Tsuen Wan.

Reports of the shenanigans surfaced yesterday with Headline Daily running photos of the glass structure in Tsuen Wan with its extra-large spa tub for two, expensive furniture and lush garden.

The only thing that did not make it to print seems to be nun's audible moaning previously widely reported.

According to the paper, the whole structure is illegal. It is understood that the Lands Department has issued a warning letter to the temple ordering it to tear down the glass house.

The latest revelations come on the heels of reports that the chief monk and his mate - Sum Wai - took a holiday in Hawaii where they shared a room in a luxury villa under the temple name.

And she was caught sunbathing in a bikini on the beach. Worse, holidaymakers in an adjoining house heard moans coming from them, reports claimed.

According to land records, the Tsuen Wan temple is owned by Nam Tin Chuk Temple Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong of which the chief elder and the nun are board members.

Sik and Sum were out of town last week for they failed to appear in monastery-organized race titled "Buddha You Run." Sources said the two headed to Macau amid the scandals.

Aside from their alleged cohabitation, the two are reported to have traveled to Hawaii every summer, staying in a villa owned by the monastery's company registered in the United States. While the house is called a "Buddhist Center," neighbors told reporters it is seldom visited by anyone else, and the two dress like ordinary residents, but with caps and sunglasses whenever they go out.

In May, Sik and Sum were photographed at Hawaii's luxury Kahala Hotel, a hangout of the rich and famous.

The bikini-clad nun sunbathed while Sik watched from a distance.

Earlier Sum uploaded a business card with her name on it that was supposedly issued by the Communist Party's United Front Work Department to her social media account. She has since deleted the photo, along with more than 100 others of her in various parts of the world with Sik in tow.

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