Xinhua scoffs at bickering West

Top News | 18 Oct 2017

Xinhua News Agency attacked Western democracy as divisive and confrontational and praised the harmony and cooperative nature of the Chinese system on the eve of the congress.

"Unlike competitive, confrontational Western politics, the CPC and non- Communist parties cooperate with each other, working together for the advancement of socialism and striving to improve the people's standard of living," it said.

"The relationship maintains political stability and social harmony and ensures efficient policymaking and implementation.

"Endless political backbiting, bickering and policy reversals, which make the hallmarks of liberal democracy, have retarded economic and social progress and ignored the interests of most citizens."

Xinhua did not name any countries, but state media have previously cited the examples of Britain's vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as US president as examples of why Western democracy is flawed.

Xinhua said that under the leadership of the party, Chinese-style democracy has never been in better shape.

"China has absolutely no need to import the failing party political systems of other countries," it said.

"After several hundred years, the Western model is showing its age. It is high time for profound reflection on the ills of a doddering democracy which has precipitated so many of the world's ills and solved so few."


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