Robbing rapist gets 11 years

Local | Phoebe Ng 13 Oct 2017

A heavily-in-debt clerk was yesterday sentenced to 11 years in jail for what the judge described as a "dastardly" act of raping and robbing a sex worker.

Gary Leung Ka-wai, 37, was unanimously convicted by a seven-member jury of raping the victim, referred to as "X," and robbing her mobile phone and HK$1,600 in cash. He had claimed it was a "raping game" and done with the woman's consent.

In passing sentence, High Court Justice Maggie Poon Man-kay blasted Leung for his "dastardly" conduct. "Some outlaws take advantage of the vulnerability of sex workers as they tend to shy away from any attention," Justice Poon said.

Leung said he committed the crime because of his "horniness and greed," but the judge said that was clearly not the case. "The debt-stricken defendant had researched online in preparation to commit the offense," she said.

The defendant, who worked as a clerk for a shipping company, had debts of HK$300,000.

The jury of four women and three men took just one hour to arrive at a guilty verdict. Pleading for leniency, the defense claimed Leung did not use a "large amount of force" and that X was "not injured." Leung's lawyer added the stolen goods were not "very valuable" and Leung had "even returned the phone SIM" to X.

He asked Justice Poon to allow Leung to serve sentences for both charges concurrently. However, she said the offense was not only serious but that Leung had shown a lack of remorse.

He was given seven years for rape and six years for robbery, but will only serve 11 years in total.

"Leung picked a sex worker as a target of bullying and humiliation, thinking she would not take the witness box due to her occupation," Justice Poon said. "After his act, he kept googling the case's investigation progress, so that he could stretch more time to come up with stories."

Justice Poon noted that as a result of his crime, the victim had to endure a "painful experience" in court and face "unbearable questioning."

The judge responded to the rapist's request to retrieve photos and personal data from his cell phone by ordering the confiscation of the phone - adding "everything would be on i-cloud."

Leung committed the crime on the evening of December 1, 2016 in a unit on Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan.

As soon as Leung entered the unit, he grabbed X and put a knife to her neck.

X was tied up and pushed on to the bed, after which Leung raped her. He then tied the victim's legs with a rubber belt and fled with her cash and phone.

Leung had earlier claimed it was a "raping game" costing HK$1,600 and with X's consent.

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