Out of this world scenes for sale

Central Station | 13 Oct 2017

John Glenn was the first person to snap a photograph of Earth from outer space and Neil Armstrong took the first picture from the moon.

And now the original prints of those shots are among 445 photos by US astronauts being auctioned Massachusetts-based Skinner until November 2.

The Beauty of Space has pictures by NASA astronauts during the 1961-1972 highs lunar exploration.

The images are original gelatin silver or chromogenic prints by NASA following the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Said to be worth from US$300 (HK$2,330) to US$9,000, they were acquired by a collector from former NASA scientists and employees.

Among standouts is a 1962 image by Glenn of the sun illuminating the Earth - the first photo of the planet taken from space.

There's also Buzz Aldrin's 1969 picture of the first footprint on the moon [his own] and Armstrong's "visor" photo, pictured, from the same Apollo 11 mission. It captures Aldrin on the moon, his gold-plated sun visor reflecting Armstrong and their module.

And there's a portrait of Eugene Cernan taking humankind's last lunar stroll in 1972.

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