Lawmaker throws weight around as disqualified quartet show face

Top News | Riley Chan 12 Oct 2017

Four legislators disqualified over the oath-taking saga were "present" when Carrie Lam entered the Legislative Council to deliver her policy address.

But it was financial services sector legislator Christopher Cheung Wah-fung who stole the limelight when he burst into the chamber to applause and laughter.

Cheung - nicknamed "Fat Boss" - made his presence known by swaggering into the room during the wait for Lam. Fellow lawmakers burst into laughter, while one yelled "that's a true heavyweight."

The faces of the four disqualified lawmakers were on props carried into the chamber by Claudia Mo Man-ching, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung.

They shouted "shameful disqualification" and "give us universal pension" as Lam greeted the lawmakers before her speech.

Apart from that, the policy address went off without incident, unlike the past when "Long Hair" Leung Kwok- hung was regularly thrown out for interrupting the chief executive's speech.

However, rival groups demonstrated outside Legco ahead of Lam's arrival and a scuffle broke out between supporters of the Federation of Trade Unions and the League of Social Democrats.

Lam arrived with her husband Lam Siu-por but did not stop to address the protesters. Her husband took a seat in the middle of the public gallery above the Legco chamber and stayed until the end.

The long-anticipated policy address was finished within 40 minutes, the shortest in history.

That compared to her predecessor, Leung Chun-ying, who spent more than two hours reading out the entire document, with a break inserted half-way.

In her speech, Lam quoted the lyrics of Hong Kong Our Home, saying Hongkongers do wonders through hard work.

"I see a vibrant international metropolis that is just, civilized, safe, affluent, enjoys the rule of law, compassionate and well-governed," she said.

"To achieve this vision, we need to have a society that is united, harmonious and caring. This vision is not, in reality, that far off."

At the end of her speech, she surprised some when she threw in an English quote, saying: "The best of Hong Kong is yet to come."

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