Marijuana hangs heavy in the scorching air

Top News | Riley Chan 18 Sep 2017

Road to Ultra was a blast - if it wasn't for the ridiculous heat and the smell of marijuana that filled the air.

My friend and I arrived at West Kowloon Cultural District at around 2pm on Saturday.

We were carrying a bottle of water but were asked to empty it before we passed the first round of security.

Just like any other music festivals, we had to go through bag checks at the entrance, where the staff just took a quick glance at our bags and nodded before letting us in.

It would not be far from the truth to say that it was even sloppier than the practice in Hong Kong Disneyland - at least they will search and flip the items inside your bags.

As we stepped in the open door arena, the smell of marijuana was everywhere.

The heat was unbearable. There was one giant fan in front of a juice stall, where many took turns and stayed for minutes to cool down.

Some staff from the organizers were handing out wet wipes in the venue and almost everyone was holding a portable fan.

It took us so long before we could find a spot under the shade where we could sit down and wait for the start of the show.

A few foreigners sitting beside us asked, curiously, how we Hong Kong people deal with the heat.

"Honestly I hate the rain in London too, but I would stay in London forever if summer in Hong Kong is like this every day," said one.

As DJ Kygo kicked off the show at around 6pm, the crowd was drawn to the stage. The area was crammed, with sweaty arms jampacked together.

Fifty minutes into Kygo's performance, a woman in front of me vomited - followed by another less than five minutes later.

As the party went on, more people were seen carrying their drunk and passed-out friends, making their way out the crowd.

The show ended at 10.30pm.

The area was covered with rubbish and many people were lying on the grass outside the main arena, surrounded by empty beer cups.

The event was attended by several local celebrities, including TVB actresses Stephanie Ho Ngan-si, Jeannie Chan Ying and Jacqueline Chong Si-man.

"Beautiful party with beautiful girls," Chong wrote on a caption for her photo on social media platform Instagram.

But singer Shiga Lin said her friend fainted due to the hot and stuffy weather.

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