Lingnan chief more open to indy posters

Local | Amy Nip 14 Sep 2017

Posters on Hong Kong independence are allowed on the democracy wall, Lingnan University president Leonard Cheng Kwok-hon said yesterday, becoming the first tertiary institution chief to say so.

His comments come after posters about independence appeared on the democracy wall - a bulletin board allowing students to express their opinion - at various universities, triggering fiery exchanges between local and mainland students and sparking protests by pro-establishment groups.

The democracy wall is managed by the student union at Lingnan, as at other universities. "It depends on the nature of the posters. As long as the posters are put up on the democracy wall and of the nature of discussing the topic, it is not a problem," Cheng, pictured, said at a tea gathering.

The university does not allow advocacy of independence, and bans putting up of pro-independence posters elsewhere, only in the democracy wall, he said.

By contrast, pro-independence posters were removed by Polytechnic University.

A dozen PolyU student unionists protested at the president's office yesterday holding a banner stating: "The management should stop hiding and offer us an explanation. Defend our campus against dictatorial rule."

Pro-establishment legislator Junius Ho Kwan-yiu will organize a gathering on Sunday to protest against independence advocacy, as well as "cold- blooded" messages mocking the suicide of the eldest son of Undersecretary for Education Christine Choi Yuk-lin appearing in universities.

But Executive Council convener Bernard Chan Charnwut said the government should not interfere too much in matters on campus and these should be handled by the universities themselves. The bottom line is students should not break the law.

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