Legislator fails to hit pass mark

Central Station | 14 Sep 2017

Establishment lawmaker Gary Chan Hak-kan's limited skill in English is a gift that keeps on giving. Or taking, as Paul Tse Wai-chun has discovered.

Tse said yesterday he was surprised to find his name with 38 other pro- Beijing lawmakers on a statement that slammed independence-supporting posters going up at university campuses.

He had been enjoying a Hacken Lee Hak-kan concert, Tse explained, when a message arrived from Chan asking if he would lend his name to the anti- poster cause statement. He responded with a text saying "I'll pass." Chan thanked Tse - and proceeded to put his name on the statement.

Chan said yesterday it had been an innocent mistake and he would learn from it.

And learning English can be a long job. For it's not the first time Chan has come up short in English.

In the 2008 legislative election, he was lost for the right words when answering. "We will try our breast," he assured on whether he was up for action. In the same sentence he turned "livelihood" into "livinghood."

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