Postage stamp has the plate licked

Local | 13 Sep 2017

Hongkong Post's latest issue of stamps is a set of six featuring shopping streets and locations. You can probably recognize a few of the choices.

Apart from the herbal medicine district in Sheung Wan, they are all in Kowloon. Four include the much- photographed goldfish market of Tung Choi North Street, the nearby Flower Market Road, and just over in Yau Ma Tei the jade market and the wholesale fruit market.

The sixth is in Mong Kok and perhaps less well known than others but definitely worth a visit if you've never been: "Kitchen Street," centered on Shanghai Street.

Like the other shopping areas, Kitchen Street is a cluster of businesses. But while it may not be as colorful or exotic to tourists, it is fascinating to anyone interested in Hong Kong's food and restaurant culture.

These shops sell all the equipment needed to prepare and serve food. The range includes all types of pots, pans, woks, knives, choppers, cutlery, chopsticks, bowls and plates. But it goes much further than that.

Shops don't just sell chopping boards, measuring scales, bamboo steaming baskets, sieves for flour and strainers for noodles: they sell five or more sizes of each.

And many of the products are unusual, such as a metal hammer with spikes on the end - used in tenderizing meat - and giant mixers for making bread.

If some of the cups and napkins look familiar, it is probably because your local neighborhood restaurant sources its tableware from Shanghai Street. Most of them do!

Bernard Charnwut Chan is chairman of The Jockey Club CPS Advisory Committee

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