Trump at bully pulpit worst in CNN bash

Editorial | 5 Jul 2017

It would be too simplistic to sum up US President Donald Trump's latest tweet of himself body-slamming CNN as childish - that would be shameful, even an insult, to young people.

After proving to be clueless in his dealings with China, North Korea, Russia and others on the global stage, the headline-hungry man spent the week focusing on his favorite punching bag - the US media.

In the tweet, Trump socked it to a man - World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon in the original video - whose face was superimposed throughout with a CNN logo.

Trump may consider himself the most powerful man on Earth. But having failed to force North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un to stop playing with his nuclear toys, President Xi Jinping to fall in line, South Korean leader Moon Jae In to accept THAAD, and Americans to show him some respect, he's taking refuge in the cyber world, where he feels safe with all those one-way attacks on whoever he chooses.

It's common knowledge that the "fight" between Trump and McMahon during the WWE's Wrestlemania XXIII in 2007 was choreographed and scripted for television audiences. Talk about fake news!

Perhaps London mayor Sadiq Khan knows best how to deal with the blowhard and bully - just ignore him. Khan's spokesman said the mayor's time is too precious to waste on a meaningless exchange of words with the master of this White House.

The old Wrestlemania video reveals an escalation in Trump's troubling psychological state. From tweets demeaning people, to say of a Morning Joe program host that she was bleeding from a face-lift, and the "body- slamming" of CNN, Trump displays a penchant for violence over speech, whether consciously or subconsciously.

That's a dangerous trend, because he's setting an extreme example of cyber-bullying - bearing in mind the man is no longer Trump the billionaire, but the commander-in-chief who's authorized to launch a nuclear attack at the drop of a hat.

It's probable that violence against reporters will increase in the United States, to bring the country on a par with dictatorial regimes where journalists are the first ones to be targeted. If freedom of speech is threatened, democracy will be endangered, and the US constitution rendered meaningless.

The Republicans are responsible and should be ashamed over the current situation that was made possible because of their willingness to pamper the president, whose behavior is grossly "beneath the dignity of the office."

Doesn't the Grand Old Party know the political pendulum is bound to swing back in the future, and when that moment arrives, it will be forced to pay the piper?

The body-slamming video contains only part of the decade-old "McMahon vs Trump" match that was, at the time, lavishly billed as the "Battle of the Billionaires." In real life, the two wealthy men are good friends, with McMahon's wife, Linda, having donated millions to organizations backing Trump's campaign. And she's now Trump's Small Business Administrator.

The part missing in the tweet was the referee kicking Trump in the stomach, and knocking him down in a split second.

Could the American people be refereeing in the Trump vs CNN fiasco? Your guess is as good as mine.

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