Three on trial in woman's beauty-treatment death

Local | Phoebe Ng 18 May 2017

The trial began yesterday of two doctors and one technician in a beauty clinic on one count of manslaughter over the death of a woman given an "experimental" blood transfusion beauty treatment.

Chan Yuen-lam, 46, died of septic shock and multiple organ failure a week after receiving DC-CIK therapy through the DR beauty center in 2012.

The head of DR center, Chow Heung-wing, 62, technician Chan Kwun-chung, 32 and Mak Wan-ling, 35, who administered the treatment, were charged with manslaughter. The prosecution accused the trio of a breach of duty amounting to gross negligence.

Their negligence, according to court documents, was a substantial cause of the death. DC-CIK procedure is an experimental treatment used for cancer patients.

It involves "the extraction, manipulation in a laboratory and reintroduction of blood" taken from the woman.

Asia Pacific Stem Cell Science technician Chan is accused of preparing the therapy product for the woman while Mak performed the treatment at the group's Causeway Bay clinic.

Chow is accused of failing to ensure a qualified person prepared the product.

He also failed to maintain a properly documented protocol with the laboratory to make sure that viral and bacteria testing would be carried out to ensure the product would be free of contamination.

The trio also allegedly failed to make sure that Chan was fully informed of the risks involved.

The 54-day trial began in the High Court yesterday, five years after the incident.

High Court Justice Judianna Barnes Wai-ling made an order banning the media from reporting details of the trial.

The only details that can be reported include names of the defendants, the offense, name of judge and counsels, basic details and date of trials.

Chan was admitted to hospital in October 2012 after suffering fever and diarrhea, hours after receiving the treatment.

The hearing continues today.

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