Prices ring loud and clear in heavenly highs for Greek gems

Central Station | 18 May 2017

Two spectacular diamonds mounted as earrings fetched a record US$57.4 million (HK$447.7 million) at auction in Geneva, with an unnamed Asia-based buyer netting both, Sotheby's said.

After protracted bidding, the flawless and vivid "The Apollo Blue" fetched US$42.08 million and the equally intensely luminescent "The Artemis Pink" went for US$15.33 million, buyers' premium included.

The earrings, named after Greek gods, had been valued at US$38-US$50 million and US$12.5- US$18 million.

The 14.54-carat Apollo Blue is the largest gemstone in its category ever to be auctioned and has been cut and polished to a pear shape. The 16-carat Artemis Pink, near identical in shape, is one of the world's most "chemically pure" diamonds, said the Gemological Institute of America, which experts say gives the stone such a high degree of transparency.

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