Sneers for 'arrogant' indy advocates

Local | Phoenix Un 21 Mar 2017

Interpretation of Basic Law Article 104 has snubbed out the "arrogance" of Hong Kong independence advocates, according to a Rule of Law Blue Book published yesterday.

The annual book printed by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences criticizes Hong Kong people who publicly incite separatism, causing negative effects on the country's unity and the SAR's development.

It also slams certain legislators for treating oath-taking as a trivial matter and making inappropriate remarks during the process.

The book stresses interpretation of Article 104 on oath-taking by the National People's Congress Standing Committee had defended the authority of the constitution and the law.

The interpretation had cracked down on the "rampant arrogance" of the independence sector by disqualifying legislators who declined to take the oath, it says. It had also showed that China is increasingly abiding by the rule of law and using legal means to solve difficult political problems.

The deputy director of the academy's Institute of Law, Mo Jihong, said: "'Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong' bears no meaning of Hongkongers having decision-making power, and the priority of 'one country, two systems' is to rule Hong Kong with law."

Disqualified legislator Yau Wai- ching said the book's comments show Beijing is stepping up totalitarianism instead of the rule of law.

"Of course it's already totalitarian, but by the Basic Law interpretation, they indeed amended Hong Kong's laws," Yau said.

"It's obvious that they are fearful. If nobody supports independence, why do they stress snubbing arrogance of independence advocacy?"

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