Pro-democracy electors tipped to back Tsang

Top News | Sum Lok-kei 21 Mar 2017

None of the 305 pro-democracy Election Committee members will vote for Carrie Lam, but it is uncertain how many will go for John Tsang in Sunday's chief executive election. The camp's members met for two hours last night in Tsim Sha Tsui, but refused to announce their exact allocation of votes.

If the pan-democratic camp votes overwhelmingly for Tsang, it would be the first time that pro-democracy electors have chosen a pro-establishment candidate for chief executive.

Speaking in his personal capacity, 300+ Alliance coordinator Charles Peter Mok, a legislator for the IT sector, said he is confident at least 90 percent of the 305 members will vote for Tsang.

Many of the subsectors have yet to finalize their decision, including legal services and education, and will make announcements later.

Other prominent parties in the pro- democracy camp have also made clear their intentions to back Tsang.

The Democratic Party, which has 30 voters in the 1,194-strong Election Committee, confirmed that all its seven lawmakers will vote for Tsang.

As for the 23 others, party chairman Wu Chi-wai said his party had encouraged them to support Tsang, but it wouldn't be a bundle vote. Wu believed these voters will also vote Tsang, as many of them nominated him last month.

Wu said they have decided to support Tsang because he came out as the most popular candidate in many credible opinion polls, and they believe he can unite the Hong Kong people and give the SAR a "fresh start."

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