Disney hotel opens way for 600 new jobs

Local | Amy Nip 16 Feb 2017

Hong Kong Disneyland aims to recruit 600 people for Disney Explorers Lodge, the new hotel to open this year.

It is particularly keen on drawing talent from different nationalities: more than 30 nationalities make up the theme park's cast, and about 10 can be found in the food and beverage team.

Among those who will work in Hong Kong Disneyland's new hotel will be Edith Marshall, a 54-year-old Filipino who came to Hong Kong in 1989.

Marshall started working in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. After getting married, she began running a bar, but not for long. She then worked in different restaurants for no more than two years each.

It was not until she moved to Disneyland in 2013 that she found a more stable position, and is now a chef in the Southeast Asian section of the Enchanted Garden restaurant.

She specializes in Indian and Thai food, which she learned after joining Disneyland.

Working for Disney marks her first time working in a major company, Marshall said. Although most kitchen staff are local, she felt a sense of belonging and can communicate with others comfortably.

Another chef, Chan King-sun, who joined Disneyland in 2005, started his career at a junior level. He has been promoted five times and is now responsible for the production of the Character Dim Sum - dim sum modeled on popular Disney characters.

"I started with making normal dim sum like shao mai. Since Character Dim Sum was launched several years ago, I also have the opportunity to try making them. Since then, I have new inspiration whenever there is a new animation or new project in the park," he said.

Staff members discuss among themselves how to make the dim sum both tasty and delicious, he said.

Another staff member climbing up the career ladder is Jan Hui Chuen-pun, senior specialist of food and beverage operations integration.

He started his career as a hotel front office employee. In his decade-long employment in Disneyland, he has served at more than 10 food and beverage outlets.

Disney Explorers Lodge is Hong Kong Disneyland's third hotel. With 750 rooms, it will be different from the two existing hotels in theme and design.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel boasts grand Victorian elegance while Disney's Hollywood Hotel is characterized by Art Deco architecture. Disney Explorers Lodge has an "adventure" theme and focuses on nature and diverse cultures.

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