Bad reactions for watchdog on body lotions

Local | Chuck Pang 16 Feb 2017

Half of body lotions sold in Hong Kong could trigger allergic reactions on users, the Consumer Council warned.

It surveyed 61 body lotion products and found that half of them were labeled as containing fragrance allergens which could increase the chances of triggering potential allergic reactions and irritations in some users.

The watchdog surveyed 55 body lotions for adults, and six body lotions for both adults and infants, ranging in price from HK$18 to HK$675.

Body lotions, among the most commonly used skin-care products, can help maintain skin hydration and reduce skin allergies if applied appropriately.

From the 33 body lotions product labels, the council found they contained one to 12 types of fragrance allergens. They also found seven body lotions that could cause skin irritations in eczema patients, as they contain formaldehyde- releasing preservatives.

The council only found four body lotions - made by Aveeno, Eucerin, La Roche-posay and Physiogel - to be clear of higher allergy-causing agents.

Council chief executive Gilly Wong Fung-han said there are currently no regulations in Hong Kong on labeling of detailed ingredient lists and potential allergens for skin care and cosmetic products.

"We recommend the authority make reference to the European Union regulation, stipulating that specific fragrance allergens with concentrated levels above the thresholds must be labelled on the ingredient lists of skin-care products," Wong said. "This information is of paramount importance to consumers when choosing a skin care product."

Meanwhile, the watchdog found that robot vacuum cleaners in the market, ranging in price from HK$1,599 to HK$8,499, only deliver mediocre performance.

They tested 10 models, with more than half of them performing poorly when spot-cleaning, or cleaning along walls and corners.

Wong suggested that consumers who have high demand for floor cleanliness regularly vacuum with conventional models as well as using the robot vacuum cleaners.

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