No go for all-woman team of bodyguards

Top News | Phoenix Un 9 Feb 2017

There is no plan to assemble and assign a team of female bodyguards for Carrie Lam or Regina Ip if either one becomes the next chief executive, a top police official said.

Bodyguards from the VIP protection unit - also known as G4 - will be provided to candidates when they are officially nominated for the March 26 election.

But the official said it would be "impossible" to organize an all-woman team.

"Body strength between men and women is, after all, quite different, so we can't have a whole team of females."

The official said there will be both males and females on the team, adding that if a candidate requests for a female bodyguard, one will be arranged.

And even if a candidate is elected, his or her guards during the campaign will not automatically become their guards later on, the official said.

Pan-democrat candidates Alan Leong Kah-kit in 2007 and Albert Ho Chun-yan in 2012 refused the bodyguard service.

"They rejected our protection. Our protection would be 24 hours, following them to every place they go, so they didn't want it," the official explained.

The official refused to reveal how many bodyguards will be deployed for each candidate, saying it is confidential for operation purposes.

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