It's all coming together for a Lego White Christmas

Top News | Flora Chung 17 Nov 2016

Asia's only Lego professional used one million bricks to bring a White Christmas - including artwork with 3D effects - to a mall.

The HK$8 million installation is on display from today to January 2.

It took China's Andy Hung Chi-kin - certified last year as the first Asian Lego professional - a month to build the large- scale installation at the atrium of Langham Place, Mong Kok.

The installation revolves around a fairy tale in which the king of a castle invites his friend the Ice Queen over for Christmas.

Hung and dozens of assistants built the props on the scene with Lego bricks.

They include three 1.5-meter tall snowmen, the colorful ornaments on a five-meter tall Christmas tree, as well as a mosaic wall built from triangular blocks whose image changes when looked at from different angles.

The mosaic artwork, which simulates the king's painting in the castle, is believed to be Hong Kong's first publicly displayed Lego piece with 3D effects.

One angle shows the image of the Ice Queen, while another shows that of the king.

Hung also built a 1:20 miniature scale model of the installation made of 10,000 bricks, as well as the smaller Christmas trees placed as decorations around the mall.

"The White Christmas theme matches well with the setting of the mall," Hung said. "The glass windows around the atrium capture sunlight during the day, helping build the White Christmas atmosphere."

With 30 years of experience in building Lego artworks, Hung, 36, said it was his first time to construct such a large-scale installation and that it was a challenge for him as there is so little space in the city.

He said he wants to raise Hongkongers' interests in building Lego installations or sculptures.

His wife Iki Lai Yuen-nga - the mastermind behind the mosaic wall - hopes many will visit the installation. "The [art] display this time looks really like the real objects. [People who see the exhibition] will be integrated with the Lego world," Lai said.

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