Bang-on question about sex

Central Station | 5 Oct 2016

Legislator-elect Yau Wai-ching of Youngspiration has caused a stir on the internet with basic thoughts on difficulties youngsters face in finding good places for sex.

Reponding to questions at a forum on Monday, Yau, who will be the youngster-ever legislator at 25 when she takes her seat at next Wednesday's opening, noted living space for youngsters is shrinking.

"'If we want to look for a room to have sex, we fail," she said in so many words. "This is a matter of fact."

But it was how Yau referred to having sex that made the internet hum. For she used the Cantonese pok ye - "banging."

"I don't know what's in her mind," one online responder sniffed. "She showed her level with pok ye."

Yau told The Standard she had in fact used the term intentionally to drive home a point. And, she added, she's not "a goddess" as sections of the media insist on calling her.

The problem of a lack of space for the young to develop has been discussed "in a formal way for many years," Yau added. "But does the government even care? In order to make society care I won't hold back even if it means criticism."

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