There's only three real Legco localists: Leung

Local | Phoenix Un 22 Sep 2016

Newly elected legislator Sixtus "Baggio" Leung Chung-hang does not believe three others elected under the flag of "democratic self-determination" are localists like him.

Local and foreign media have described six newly elected lawmakers as "localists," including Demosisto's Nathan Law Kwun-chung, Democracy Groundwork's Lau Siu-lai and Land Justice League's Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, who advocated "democratic self- determination."

"I only see three localists in the new Legislative Council," Leung told The Standard in an interview, meaning his Youngspiration comrade Yau Wai- ching, Cheng Chung-tai of Civic Passion and himself. "The other three are quite distant from us, just that they also use self-determination as we do. They do not have the subjectivity and identity of Hongkongers. A line should be drawn between those who can vote and those who can't in the [proposed self-determination] referendum.

"Without a Hong Kong nation as a framework, there will be more problems such as why only seven million Hongkongers instead of 1.3 billion Chinese can vote."

But Leung said there should still be room for cooperation with the three legislators depending on the issues.

Although refusing to explain his stance on independence before swearing the oath as a legislator, Leung believes that independence is the only logical solution to the difficulties facing Hong Kong.

He said "one country, two systems" was proven to have failed after the Causeway Bay Books incident and the disqualification of six Legco candidates, including Edward Leung Tin-kei of Hong Kong Indigenous.

"The rights of Hongkongers were deprived even though these rights were stated in the Basic Law. Universal suffrage is not enough anymore as the right to stand in election has been manipulated," he said.

Baggio Leung expects that he and Yau will be barred from standing for re-election in 2020 and said Youngspiration has to plan for strategies to have candidates who would not be disqualified four years later.

He also believed that having a hawkish figure like Leung Chun-ying or Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor as chief executive for the next five years would boost the independence movement.

"Only a hawk faction will awaken more Hongkongers to the fact that the choice of 'one country, two systems' doesn't exist anymore."

But he also admitted that a hawk could destroy Hong Kong to the extent that it cannot be repaired even with independence.

Leung forecast struggles in the Legco chamber such as occupying the president's desk and ringing the fire alarm to delay the approval of important bills.

He recalled that he was a "Hong Kong pig" before establishing Youngspiration in 2015, dreaming of retiring at the age of 40, voting for pan- democrats and participating in protests just for the sake of joining, without a clear goal for success.

"I changed completely during the Umbrella Revolution. I found that the traditional pan-democrats only wanted to perpetuate the movement, but what we want is success. Then I realized that Hongkongers should save themselves and not depend on old representatives."

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