Victorious Trump seeks to heal party wounds

Top News | 21 Jul 2016

Having prevailed in his remarkable run to the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump turns to his next task of healing crippling party divisions and solidifying support for his White House campaign.

Trump wasted little time basking in the glow of Tuesday's historic achievement, flipping the script once again on the Republican National Convention and telling delegates he would "see them Wednesday" - a day before he officially accepts the nomination.

After a roller-coaster campaign that saw Trump defeat 16 rivals and steamroll stubborn party opposition, the tycoon said it was time to "go all the way" and beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November. "This is a movement," he told the delegates via video link.

On the convention floor, states from Alabama to West Virginia took it in turns to pledge their delegates.

It fell to Trump's home state of New York, represented by a coterie of the candidate's adult children, to hand him the majority-plus-one needed to clinch the nomination.

"It's my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top in the delegation count tonight," Donald Trump Jr said to cheers and applause.

Around the convention floor, Trump's victory was far from universally welcomed.

Many delegates clapped politely after his victory, a few angrily walked out or voiced their unease.

Washington delegate Teri Galvez said baldly: "We do not support Donald Trump."

But some delegates who supported others in the primaries were already lining up behind Trump.

"Everybody realizes now that the family infighting is over, we do in fact have a candidate, and I would hope that 99 percent-plus of Republicans get behind that candidate moving forward," said Gary Inmon, a Texas delegate bound to Senator Ted Cruz but who is now solidly behind the nominee.


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