Salad days

| Trista Yeung and Mizuki Nishiyama 8 Jul 2016

The superfood concept is no newcomer in Hong Kong, but it recently drew the attention of those who are super concerned about their health.

The new buzzword for fruit, veg and seeds is known to charge with abundant proteins and vitamins, and more restaurants are making sure the taste catches up with its nutrient levels.

The Kinnet in Sheung Wan wants to make the best salad in town with the Reinventing Salads campaign. A delightful battle took place last month as seven restaurants contended for the Best Salad title.

Chef Peter Cuong Franklin of Viet Kitchen & Bar was the winner with Vietnamese steak and mango salad.

From now until July 31, you can have a taste of the seven salads in the contest (all priced at HK$120) in their respective restaurants or by delivery (except Fresca) with their delivery partner Deliveroo. The salad bought the most will be named next month as the best in town.

The steak and mango salad is a must-try. The beef tenderloin is spiced up with Vietnamese herbs, while watercress, cabbage, mango, avocado and tomato bring an exotic flavor to the meaty texture.

The Kinnet's Green Goddess kale salad is another joy, with roasted organic chicken matched with avocado, sweet corn, eggplant, vin tomato, boiled egg, cilantro and feta.

Lily & Bloom's grilled summer peach salad is a celebration of the hot weather with maple bourbon dressing to sweeten the coconut puree, swiss chard, sorrel, green papaya and toasted macadamia nuts. Beef & Liberty's haloumi and persimmon salad charms with a sophisticated flavor as all kinds of superfood, including quinoa, spring onion, cucumber, pickled fennel, carrot, beetroot and pumpkin seeds, soak up the sweet sherry dressing.

Linguini Fini is joining with delivery service group Homegrown Foods for a special vegetarian tasting menu (HK$450 per person) on every last Monday of each month.

Led by executive chef Vinny Lauria, the five-course menu is designed to spotlight local organic vegetables.

"Most people don't know that Hong Kong grows amazing vegetables, as do many other countries," Lauria said.

"This is a good opportunity to let our local produce shine. The menu is all about bringing healthy benefits and you will be surprised how delicious it can be."

Sample the roasted spring vegetable panzanella as the earthy taste of asparagus pairs with the refreshing sweetness of zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

The BBQ cauliflower tostada exudes a tantalizing smoky aroma when salsa rosa and coriander sauce touch your taste buds with smoked cauliflower aioli, pickled cucumber and red onion.

New York-style restaurant Tivo in Kennedy Town supercharges your life with a special superfoods menu. From kale, carrots to beets, the gourmet menu allows healthy eating to be a new and exciting experience.

Begin the nutrition-packed meal with the superfoods smoothies (HK$$68), Skinny Dip with a blended beetroot, orange, carrot juice and banana drink that will instantly cool you on a hot day.

The other option is Beach Bum, which is a sweet milky drink made with blueberries, blackberries, raspberry puree and yogurt, topped with raspberry coulis.

The ginger spiced roasted cauliflower hummus (HK$78) leaves a tingling sensation on your tongue from the assortment of herbs.

Follow with the roasted baby carrot with avocado (HK$78). Its crispy carrots are complemented by the oven- baked flavor that goes extremely well with the next dish, summer Brussels sprouts salad (HK$78) made from organic Brussels sprouts roasted with poached egg, lemon and anchovy

With Tivo's celebration of international influences, the sesame kale salad (HK$98) and grilled octopus and banana blossom salad (HK$108) shows an Asian influence. It conveys a sophisticated mixture of bitterness, savory and sweet, all combined by the greens and octopus.

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