(Darknet) Cazes used 'web design' front for digital currencies

Friday, July 21, 2017

Talk in the Thailand neighborhood was that Canadian Alexandre Cazes was ready to improve his standard of living in the country, a haven for criminals and fugitives.

At the time of his arrest, he was building a palatial home about 20 minutes away in a far more upscale area. The price tag? More than US$1.1 million. (Pictured, one of the properties of AlphaBay founder Alexandre Cazes in the Thai capital Bangkok)

According to court documents, he also owned a luxury villa on the edge of a cliff in the holiday destination of Phuket and a US$400,000 villa in Antigua. 

Much of Cazes' fortune was in digital currencies, the court documents show. He bought real estate and luxury cars, including the US$900,000 Lamborghini, and pursued "economic citizenship'' in Liechtenstein, Cyprus and Thailand. 

He used what he claimed was a web design company, EBX Technologies, as a front, the US Justice Department indictment said.-AP