HK lags region in preparing for healthy aging, survey says

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Only 60 percent of Hong Kong people are prepared for healthy aging, ranking third-last in the Asia-Pacific, a survey by global nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition shows.

The "Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey" was done in August this year, with 5,500 respondents aged 40 years and above in 11 markets including 500 in Hong Kong, and 5,000 in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The survey found 69 percent of Hong Kong respondents defined healthy aging as "being physically active and mentally alert as aged.'' And 70 percent of respondents in Hong Kong said having "gray hair” and "in need of wearing reading glasses” were signs of aging. Also, 72 percent of respondents in Hong Kong believe that their physical condition was better than their actual age, slightly more than the Asia Pacific average of 68 percent;

However, the survey results reveal Hong Kong people’s awareness of the need to start preparing for healthy aging early lags behind other Asia Pacific markets. Only 45 percent of Hong Kong respondents believes that they should begin preparing for healthy aging at the age of 40 years, compared with 54 percent in Asia Pacific, who shared the same view. This ranks Hong Kong third from the bottom in the region.

Also, 76 percent of Asia Pacific respondents said they have taken positive steps towards healthy aging, while only 63 percent in Hong Kong are doing so. This also ranks Hong Kong third from the bottom in the region.

In terms of current actions taken for healthy aging, 84 percent of Hong Kong respondents chose to "engage in more regular physical activity,'' making it the most common step taken towards healthy aging, followed by "make better nutritional choices,'' which accounted for 72 percent. And 77 percent thought that "engaging in more regular physical activity” was equivalent to "incorporating more physical activity into daily life.''