Frank Chan asks MTRC to clarify data transfer confusion

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Transport Secretary Frank Chan said today that the MTR Corporation is responsible for wrongly leading people to believe that their personal information could be handed over to mainland authorities if they make use of free WiFi at the new express rail terminus.

Chan said if passengers are using WiFi while they are still in Hong Kong, data will not be transferred to third parties, RTHK reports.

The apparent confusion arose after visitors to West Kowloon Station this week saw a disclaimer by Guangzhou-based Comba Telecom, which provides free WiFi, saying it may share users’ information with local and mainland authorities.

Chan said he expects the railway company to clarify the matter.

Earlier, the chairman of Legco's railways subcommittee, Michael Tien, also said that train passengers' data will be protected by Hong Kong law until they cross the border.

Tien said the MTR Corporation had done a poor job in presenting the whole picture over data privacy at the new rail terminal.