Chinese online celebrity 'Saya' accused of assaulting pregnant woman

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Chinese Internet celebrity will probably face criminal charges after she allegedly attacked a pregnant woman.

The incident first came to light when the pregnant woman, identified as Yang, posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, claiming that she was attacked by an internet celebrity, after they got into an argument in Hangzhou City.

The attack put her at risk of a miscarriage, according to the medical report from a local hospital.

In the post, Yang accused the Internet celebrity, later identified as Chen, and her mother surnamed Shi of instigating the attack. The two were walking their unleashed dog when the dog rushed towards Yang and the husband kicked the dog in fear, CGN reports.

Furious with Yang's husband for kicking the dog, Chen and her mother began to attack and insult Yang, who was more than 32 weeks pregnant, causing her to fall over. She suffered difficulty in breathing. Yang was later sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with high risk of having a premature birth.

Yang's post soon gathered momentum online and ignited widespread outrage against the Internet celebrity, whose online name is "Saya." Like other online fashion celebrities in China, "Saya" became popular on social media for sharing her good-looking selfies and photos, as well as promoting her self-designed clothes, which were sold at a lower price. She has more than three million followers on Weibo.

Local police released a statement on Weibo, confirming that there was a physical conflict between the two sides, but no physical injuries.

However, the incident did result in Yang being admitted to hospital. After an investigation, the police concluded that Chen physically attacked Yang, and said further proceedings would depend on the results of Yang's medical checkups.

At the same time, Chen's mother was detained for impeding the police.

According to the local police, Chen would face a criminal charge if Yang was diagnosed with injuries above the minor level, according to Beijing News. If not, she would only receive an administrative punishment.-Photos: CGTN