Danish inventor stands trial over submarine murder

Thursday, March 08, 2018

The trial has started of Danish inventor Peter Madsen, accused of tying up, torturing and murdering Swedish reporter Kim Wall during a trip on his private submarine in August.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen started the 12-day trial by reading the charges while Madsen, wearing glasses and a dark shirt, watched the prosecutor from his seat beside his defense lawyer.

The defense lawyer, Betaina Hald Engmark, then formally entered a not-guilty please to the murder charge.

Madsen claims Wall died accidentally inside the submarine while he was on deck during the excursion. He has admitted throwing her body parts into the sea.

The prosecution claims Wall’s murder was premeditated because Madsen brought along tools he normally didn’t take when sailing.

The trial at Copenhagen’s City Court is due to run until April 25. -AP