Jailed radio host gets reduced sentence

Thursday, March 08, 2018

The Appeal Court has shortened sentences for a former internet radio host, who was jailed for trying to rig the 2015 District Council elections.

The court reduced the four year sentence given to Cheng Wing-kin by seven months.

The appeal court judges disagreed with the manner in which the trial judge compared this case with another election bribery case, which they say was more severe.

Two of his accomplices who were sentenced for 30 and 28 months in prison also had their terms slashed by six and four months respectively.

But the court rejected their bid to appeal the convictions, saying the defendants had committed the offence and none of them could establish sufficient grounds for appeal.

Cheng had offered money to localist candidates to run in the election so as to dilute the support for pan-democratic candidates.-RTHK