HKU researchers unveil liquid-repellent material

Local | 14 Nov 2017 7:50 pm

If you are scared to wear that favorite white outfit to a party fearing it would get stained, here is some good news: researchers at the University of Hong Kong have found a way out for you.

They have developed a new liquid repellent material, that can be applied onto various types of surfaces, including clothes.

What is more, they claim this material is dirt cheap compared with the price of other similar materials. 

Researchers at HKU's Faculty of Engineering said the material developed with microfluidic-droplet-based technique has high liquid repellency. It is also durable, despite being made with low-cost material.

Professor Wang Liqiu, who led the research team, said the membrane-like material can be even used for defense purposes. 

Wang added that the material is only costs around HK$1 per square meter, which is a thousand times cheaper than other water-repellent fabrics currently on the market. 

"The material we use is environmentally friendly, so no toxic material or material people don't like," he said. 

He hopes it can be adopted extensively by the market in two years time.-RTHK

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