UK activist mulls NGO to monitor HK freedoms, report says

Local | 13 Oct 2017 10:54 am

Benedict Rogers, the British activist barred from entering Hong Kong on Wednesday, reportedly plans to set up a London-based NGO that, he says, will report on Hong Kong's human rights and freedoms. He said full details of the group, and its supporters, will be revealed at the end of the month.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Rogers said the aim of the NGO will be to monitor the situation in Hong Kong and provide policymakers with in-depth research. The Conservative Party activist, who sits on its Human Rights Commission, said Hong Kong is now at a stage where serious advocacy was needed, especially in London, which is a signatory to the Joint Declaration. But although the group plans to work closely with British parliamentarians and government officials, Rogers said he also hoped the NGO would be a voice in other capitals as well. 

Rogers, who lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, is now at the centre of a diplomatic spat between the UK and China. Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said his government wanted an "urgent explanation" as to why Rogers wasn't allowed into Hong Kong. His comment didn't go down well in Beijing, with a foreign ministry spokeswoman saying China has launched stern representations to Britain. She says the central government is responsible for Hong Kong-related diplomatic affairs and Beijing is within its rights to decide who can, and who cannot, get into the territory.-RTHK


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