'Traveling minister' Eddie Ng gives self good grades

Local | 19 Jun 2017 8:56 pm

Outgoing Education Secretary Eddie Ng Hak-kim said today that he has worked very hard and efficiently over the past five years and said he was proud to have introduced a number of new initiatives.

But he acknowledged that there were also a lot of challenges along the way, including massive protests in 2012 against the government's proposed national education curriculum. 

Critics said national education would lead to brainwashing, but Ng stressed "the truth speaks for itself,'' and "people can decide for themselves" if there was any brainwashing involved. 

Although the proposal was eventually shelved due to strong public opposition, many schools have now included national education as part of their curriculum. 

The outgoing education chief also hit back at criticism over the Basic Competency Assessments, saying some legislators had made "groundless accusations" about the tests for Primary Three students. 

He questioned if they had "ulterior motives" in making those claims, but admitted that the government could have done a better job in communicating with lawmakers over policy issues. 

Ng also rejected people's description of him as a "traveling minister.'' He's gone on more than 60 working trips during his five-year term – nearly three times more than his predecessor. 

He stressed those visits were all work-related, and that it was unfair to make untrue accusations. -RTHK

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