Taiwan welcome mat for HK protesters stirs Regina Ip's ire

Local | 19 Jul 2019 6:12 pm

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's comments during a diplomatic visit to the Caribbean, that "friends from Hong Kong" will be treated in a proper and humanitarian way set off angry reactions from pro-Beijing figures.

The former secretary for security, Regina Ip, warned of a damaged relations, RTHK reports.
Ip said ties between Hong Kong and Taiwan will be affected if the island grants the protesters refuge, and that such a move will send a clear message that Taiwan harbors criminals. 
The executive councillor also singled out a protester, Brian Leung, saying authorities should track down the former Hong Kong University school magazine editor. 
Leung became a prominent protester after he removed his mask in front of camera while storming the Legco complex on July 1. He has reportedly fled Hong Kong.
DAB lawmaker Horace Cheung rejected suggestions that the integrity of the rule of law in Hong Kong has been harmed. He urged young people to abide by the law instead of risking their own future. 
BPA's Priscilla Leung said if Hong Kong authorities have evidence that some protesters have used violence, authorities can continue to pursue them even if they have sought asylum elsewhere. 
But an opposition lawmaker, Civic Party's Alvin Yeung, said government has used "arguably controversial" laws to prosecute political opponents in the past and this has caused damage to the city's rule of law claim.


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