Europe braces for record high temperatures

World | 26 Jun 2019 6:29 pm

A swath of western and central Europe is sweating under blazing temperatures, and authorities in one German region imposed temporary speed limits on some stretches of the autobahn as a precaution against heat damage.

A heatmap for France for 27 June, tweeted by the university meteorologist Ruben Hallali, next to the Edvard Munch painting The Scream, was widely shared on social media, The Guardian reported.

Authorities have warned that temperatures could top 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the continent over the coming days. The transport ministry in Germany’s eastern Saxony-Anhalt state said today it has imposed speed limits of 100 kilometers per hour or 120 kph on several short stretches of highway until further notice. Those stretches usually have no speed limit.

“The latest forecasts leave little room for doubt: we are heading for a new national record,” said Guillaume Woznica, a French forecaster, noting Météo-France was now predicting peaks of 45C in the southern towns of Nîmes and Carpentras on Friday, the Guardian reports.

The highest reliable June temperature previously recorded in France was 41.5C on 21 June 2003. The country’s highest ever temperature, recorded at two separate locations in southern France on 12 August during the same 2003 heatwave, was 44.1C.

On Tuesday evening, German railway operator Deutsche Bahn called rescue services to Duesseldorf Airport station as a precaution because two trains’ air conditioning systems were not working properly, but neither had to be evacuated.-AP/The Standard 


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