Beijing official Li Fei questions violence by protesters

Local | 25 Jun 2019 1:31 pm

A top Beijing official has questioned why Hong Kong people would resort to violence “every time” they protested against the government, RTHK reports. 
Speaking to reporters before attending a National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting in the capital, the head of the NPC Constitution and Law Committee, Li Fei, said he doesn’t really know much about the proposed changes to the extradition law. 
But he said he found it hard to understand why protesters would attack the police during the anti-extradition demonstrations.

Li stressed no matter how unhappy the protesters are, they should not violate the law and take such damaging action against the police.
“I’ve seen what's happened in Hong Kong. I don’t understand. Hong Kong is governed by law. It’s okay for you to hold demonstrations to express your demands in a peaceful manner. But why do they have to use violence every time they protest against the government?” he questioned.
When asked about people’s lack of confidence in the mainland legal system in the extradition debate, Li said the issue should not be discussed - once laws are broken.-Photo: RTHK


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