UK envoy denies China is new colonial power

China | 25 Jun 2019 1:22 pm

China will push for greater international cooperation and is not a new colonial power, Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming has said.

Liu told an audience of business and policy leaders at the Asia House think-tank in London that in the past, the rise of new powers had resulted in wars with old powers, but he believed that "our generation is wiser," and realized there was a "shared future for mankind," CGTN reports.

Liu said that the UK view had been to see opportunities, rather than challenges, in China’s rise. "Just a few days ago, Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua was in London to co-chair with UK Chancellor Philip Hammond for the 10th Economic and Financial Dialogue, including the groundbreaking milestone- Shanghai-London Stock Connect," said Liu Xiaoming.

He added that "some forces were now calling for the UK to take sides to challenge China, but the mainstream are working for the 'Golden Era' of China-UK relations."

Most recently, the focus has been on the issue of the Chinese telecoms company Huawei, which the US has banned and warned its closest allies to also move away from. It is reported that the UK will allow Huawei to be involved in the "non-core" parts of developing the UK's 5G network, but the final decision has been delayed because of Theresa May's resignation as prime minister.

Liu said Huawei is committed to the UK market, and he hoped the UK would continue to be seen as the open and business-friendly place it has been, and make its own independent decisions rather than bowing to pressure from others. 

"The UK has always been regarded as business-friendly," he said. "If the UK decided to exclude Huawei, it will send a very negative message not only to Huawei but to Chinese businesses as a whole. Great Britain is great, independent and makes decisions independently. It doesn't follow orders of other people... or pressure from outside," Liu said.-Photo: Asia House

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