Staff of daily decry editorial favoring police attacks on protesters

Local | 17 Jun 2019 6:19 pm

A group of staff from Mingpao issued an open letter criticizing the paper’s “biased editorial favoring authorities and the police,'' RTHK reports. 
The editorial, published on the day after last Wednesday’s violent clashes between anti-extradition protesters and police, said the protest “was directed by a group of radical activists who, dressed in black, played the core role” – and that those who initiated attacks on the police should be condemned. 
But in the open letter, the anonymous Mingpao staff criticized the editorial for treading the government’s line in calling the protests “a riot.'' 
The letter also said accused the editorial of seeking to make excuses for what it called the violence by the police and the administration, and turning a blind eye to all the evidence pointing to use of excessive force by police. 
The letter said the editorial was very cruel to the citizens who bled after being hit by the police, as well as frontline journalists covering the events. 
The staff members said in the letter that they understand the “shameful piece of editorial,” cannot be retracted, but they made clear that it did not represent their stance.


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