Political reform needs Beijing's trust, says Ronny Tong

Local | 12 Jun 2019 10:30 am

Ronny Tong Ka-wah, a lawyer and member of Carrie Lam's administration advisory committee, said Sunday's protest showed a lack of trust in Hong Kong's administration, partly because she was selected by a small number of electors rather than by popular vote. However, China's patience with Hong Kong's demands has its limits, Tong said. 
"We need to gain the trust and confidence of Beijing so they can allow us the freedom of political reform,'' Tong said. "They don't want to see Hong Kong as a base of subversion. And I'm sorry, we're doing exactly that.'' 
Opponents of the proposed extradition amendments say the changes would significantly compromise Hong Kong's legal independence, long viewed as one of the crucial differences between the territory and mainland China. 
Hong Kong Bar Association Chair Philip Dykes said a lack of faith in Beijing's commitment to respecting Hong Kong's unique status remains a crucial issue. 
"The government is asking these people with decades of mistrust suddenly to trust the system and to accept assurances that the (Chinese) mainland will offer that they be honored. And that's clearly not persuading the people,'' Dykes said in an interview. -AP


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