British business bemoan political drifting

Business | 24 May 2019 6:47 pm

After going around in circles on Brexit, it is time for politicians to get moving, the British Chamber of Commerce, said following Theresa May's resignation announcement today.  

The head of the British Chambers of Commerce Dr Adam Marshall, said: “Businesses must be reassured that a change at the top in Downing Street does not simply usher in a longer period of posturing and gesture politics. Westminster has already squandered far too much time going around in circles on Brexit.

“As our global competitors get sharper and more strategic, Britain is still mired in indecision and uncertainty. Drift and lack of direction have real-world economic consequences, brought home to many of our communities not just by high-profile business closures, but by the quiet and growing loss of contracts, investments and jobs.   

“The UK is already paying the price for a political system at war over Brexit. Our hard-earned reputation as a great place to do business has been tarnished."

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