European Union HK office formally opposes fugitives bill tinkering

Local | 24 May 2019 4:58 pm

The European Union Office in Hong Kong issued a formal diplomatic "demarche" protest note to Hong Kong's leader today over a proposed extradition law that could see individuals sent back to mainland China for trial, Reuters reports. 
Critics, including foreign governments, legal and business groups, have expressed fears the law could erode Hong Kong's rule of law and leave individuals, including foreign nationals passing through the city, vulnerable to being sent back for an unfair trial on the mainland. 
The EU Office in Hong Kong and Macau said in a brief statement in response to press inquiries that it had, together with diplomatic representatives from its member states, met with the Chief Executive Carrie Lam to "carry out a demarche reiterating their concerns regarding the government's proposed amendments to Hong Kong's Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.'' 
The 28-member European Union had already come out in recent months to express concern over the extradition bill that Hong Kong authorities say they want to try to get passed in the city's legislature before the summer recess. 
This latest move represents a hardening of the EU position, just days after Lam reiterated that she would not withdraw the bill. 

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